As an Author, I’m Afraid I Might Become a Twitter Spaces Junkie.

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I took part in a Twitter Spaces event for the first time yesterday. Frankly, they did not design the topic for me. But that wouldn’t stop me from participating.

Here’s the title. Test recording topic: “What do you like/dislike about Twitter Spaces?”

Who knows? I’d never been in a Twitter Space before.

If it hadn’t been for a Twitter Book Marketing Chat last week with Rachel Thompson and Madalyn Sklar, I wouldn’t have had a clue about Twitter Spaces. Now I understand the conversations I’ve seen as I scrolled my feed on Twitter — conversations that focused on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

This 30-minute event affected me. I’m jazzed and now my mind is reeling.

The Short Event

So, here’s what happened. I saw Madalyn had a purple dot on her Twitter Fleets. She had told us that would be the signal her Twitter Space was open. Could the timing have been better? I had just received my second covid vaccine, and I was looking for distractions big time.

I clicked the button. Boom. I was in a room with about 25 people. I could see their avatars and a notification showing they were a listener or a speaker. There was a button I could press to request to speak. When a person spoke, a little audio wave wiggled under their avatar. I scooted myself to a sitting position in my bed and listened.

The Back Story

I’d been seeing folks on Twitter talking about Clubhouse. I was ignorant of this whole alternative world of audio app chat because I’m an android user. Since it was not accessible to me, I dismissed the opportunities. But the iPhone people seemed to like it, so I became curious. One of my favorite authors tweeted about her Clubhouse chat for her new book, and it saddened me not to join in.

So, when I saw the topic of Twitter Spaces on the Booking Marketing Chat last week, I perked up. Since I had an inkling that it was like Clubhouse, I made sure I attended. I learned a lot about what it was, how it worked but most importantly for me, at this time, I can only be a listener, not a host.

But I was getting hooked.

The following day Madalyn hosted a space, but I had a conflict. Darn it. I wanted to check it out because Twitter is my favorite social media platform. It thrilled me to stumble on a second opportunity.

Thoughts About the Event

Yesterday’s space humbled me. I know we live in an enormous world, but the worldliness of the people in this space blew me away. South Africa, Brazil, Japan, the US, Nigeria, India, Scotland, just to name a few. But you get the gist. All of this space was about opening the entire world for a discussion — on a topic, the host had chosen. So cool. And my bonus, two people followed me and I didn’t even say a word in the event.

The entire event was just plain fun. If you know me, Fun has to be a component of work. Plus, hearing people’s voices tickles me. It provides another layer of the personality. I thought of it as a big family phone call. And I wanted more.

As the people who I didn’t know spoke, ideas swirled about how I could use this new app.

Now that I’m in the last stages of editing my debut novel, I imagined all the different ways I could connect with readers using this addition to Twitter. One day as a host, I can choose the topic and facilitate a discussion about my work — writing about writing & creativity, erotica, and sexuality.


As an author, two things are crucial.

  • Keep an open mind to new marketing avenues for connecting with readers, other like-minded individuals and for networking.
  • Follow marketing people in the know. They will help you stay on the groundbreaking path.

I’m amazed at the creativity in the world. Twitter Spaces is just one creative idea brought to life. And I am hooked. I plan to join in other Twitter Spaces conversations when I can. But I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to be a host.

When I do, you’ll love my southern drawl.

Hope our paths cross in a Twitter Space. Until then, I’m a regular on Twitter.

P.S. I joined two spaces today. I am going to love this!

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From Retired Sex Therapist (she/her) to Erotic/Romance Writer. Covering Sexuality, Writing/Creativity & Erotica. Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor

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