Brian, Yay. That’s one great way to use erotica-together. My erotica tribe and community is so generous and welcoming. We support each other. I’m fairly new to Medium, so I don’t know all the erotica publications here. Please check out the members of the Sisters In Smut Publication here on Medium and you can find erotica on each of the member websites. I, too, have my work categorized on my website. Cleis Press is one of the largest and most well-known erotica press for erotica. They publish anthologies of all topics especially of Rachel Kramer Bussel. Those are great starts for finding what type of story you both would like. Also, go to Bellesa (porn for women) and click on the erotica section in the header. You will see the stories by category. Pick and choose here. Jayne Renault is an awesome editor and curator, so you will get great stories, hot and well written. And lastly, have fun with your investigation!

From Retired Sex Therapist (she/her) to Erotic/Romance Writer. Covering Sexuality, Writing/Creativity & Erotica. Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor

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