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I Found Sexy Distractions from My COVID-19 Life

I don’t know about you, but I’ve set up a pattern in my life of COVID-19.

When I wake, I clean all the surfaces. The coffee pot is the second to-do item. Checking Florida’s COVID-19 Date and Surveillance Dashboard along with the national and local headlines are next. After that, I touch base with friends and family and then I’m off to my writing world.

I fight the numbness that attempts to set in during the day. To counteract it, I search for internet connections filled with emotion. Without a way to have that in my ‘out and about’ life, I must look for it virtually. I want to feel alive.

I want and need the emotion stirred in me for my job to write. And it’s from those emotions I move into creating characters and stories. I need to locate some of that virtual energy daily and see how long the energy stays with me.

Here are the four distractions that grabbed me and provided sustained energy in my life. I hope they may help you.

Some Good News with John Krasinski.

I love that John Krasinski reached out to the world and asked for some good news. People replied. What a way to highlight the positive amid tough times. He took the good news and made a show.

When I viewed it the first time on YouTube, there were 1,782,966 views of this first 15-minute episode. When I came back to edit this post, according to Some Good News on Twitter, they had 25 million views in two days.

We must crave some good news. Krasinski asked if we wanted more. I replied yes.

It is special when someone like him with a large following can give us a boost. It provides the needed balance in our lives to have artful and creative places to go for inspiration and uplifting.

Article by Michelle Collins about her love of Andrew Cuomo.

Collins, a comedian, and talk show host wowed me with her article in Marie Claire about Andrew Cuomo.

“Andrew’s morning briefings are literally all I have to look forward to.”

It has all the makings of the best romance story because she chocks her story full of sexiness and desire. And for now, unrequited love.

And I love that Michelle just put it out there. To have humor and a zest for life in the middle of a pandemic for all the world to share, yes, it is a welcome distraction.

A soap opera of the best kind.

I want her updates and new thoughts and insights. I want to be in the middle of experiencing the yearning for this leader. It’s raw and real and I feel it.

Hauser Cello.

I don’t even know how I found this hot, sexy Croatian cello player, Stjepan Hauser.

Classic instruments are not in my listening wheel-house. But this cello came attached to a man that turns a performance into musical porn. Whether he’s wearing his just fucked bed-head look or the pristine wardrobe of a London performance, he can place that cello between his legs anywhere in the world and command attention. What you get is a performance that pulls you in and caresses your heart, body, and soul.

As an erotic writer, he may have landed the role of my new muse in a story that highlights all his cello locations.

Go to his Instagram account and experience the beauty.

The Last Kingdom on Netflix.

Yes, Netflix has become a closer friend, and my watching patterns have changed.

I binge-watched The Last Kingdom. I’m not a history buff per se, but I must enjoy defining garb on men. Dane warriors and Saxon guards of yore seem to do the trick.

As a writer, I focused on the story arch of the protagonist, Uhtred, born a Saxon and raised a Dane. His ultimate struggle is to obtain the land of his birth.

During every battle he fought, I unconsciously fought my invisible enemy, the one that lurks with us today.

But at the finale of season three, Uhtred’s grounding voice-over words soothed me. He had come to an understanding.

His message was simple. “The truth of a man lies in his heart.”

I took the message to be who you are.


These examples of heart-felt distractions give me a shot for making it through another day or a week. I’ll call it creatives inspiring creatives.

It’s also a call to stay true to your own path. For me, continue writing.

But I learned something else while searching out emotional distractions.

I’m drawn to leaders. Leaders who show their spine and convictions and use their talents to step up and help others. In the end, those are the leaders who lead with an exposed heart and are clear about who they are.

Well, that’s sexy and wanted.

I’ll take that energy every day.

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From Retired Sex Therapist (she/her) to Erotic/Romance Writer. Covering Sexuality, Writing/Creativity & Erotica. Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor

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