Look out Twitter Spaces because my Southern Drawl will Rock your World

Get it? It’s audio.

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I’ll host my inaugural Twitter Spaces on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, NOON ET. You may have read about my initial involvement in Twitter Spaces in early April. After two weeks of dropping in and out of fascinating spaces, my Twitter app updated, and I had access to be a Twitter Spaces Host.


Excited. Terrified. Humbled. You name it. Every emotion flew through me. I could do it. When I opened Twitter to tweet and a new format showed up, I thought I’d won the lottery. After taking a screenshot, I knew it was real.

Now what?

My Space Unfolds

If you are “doing” social media with the true social component, you have help. I did with people I truly admire and respect and who are prominent in their field. They walk the walk and talk the talk. Rachel Thompson of Bad Red Head Media and Madalyn Skylar Social Media Coach and Consultant were kind and wonderful, helping me focus on my brand and my content.

There were several areas of consideration discussed over the next two weeks that resulted in the culmination of my Twitter spaces event.


Naming my space. To maximize my content, I wanted a title that was broad so that I could talk about many things. I wanted to use “sexuality” because it makes an enormous umbrella. For example, as an erotic and romance writer, that is only one item for discussion. From that world, I could talk about writing sex in scenes, but also from my education world, I could talk about sexual wellness and pleasure.

I considered my Twitter Spaces as my human sexuality college course and identified what topics I would present. That felt right, and then the hashtag phrasing began.

Hashtag availability for branding. Both Rachel and Madalyn gave me feedback for branding. Once I knew Sexuality was the word, I had to figure out how to wrap it to fit. I started with #AllThingsSexuality, but it didn’t feel like me. Checking for its previous use, it didn’t exist, so it went on the possibility list.

We toyed with #AllThingsSex to shorten it. Sex is only one part of sexuality. I felt sexuality was more holistic and covered more. From there, ideas moved to #SexualitySpeaks and #SexualitySpaces. The cool part from hashtag research was that I didn’t find the word sexuality. So yeah, I was on to something. And what did I settle on?

Ta Da. #TheSexualitySpace.

My sexuality work has always been about spaces. A Space to give permission to explore ideas, for people to feel safe, for people to learn. So, tying that all together fit for me.

Planning the Launch

I attended the second meeting of a new Twitter Spaces event — Madalyn Audits Twitter Profiles. After that session, I reorganized my Twitter bio with concise content and coordinating emojis. I followed that effort with the suggestion to create a Pinned tweet for #TheSexualitySpace.

I got an additional and gigantic piece of information in this space. People who host a space saw their engagement and follows go up substantially. That is promising. Reaching more people is a goal for me. I like that I’m starting this at the beginning of the month so I can compare my Twitter Analytics to the month before.

Here I Go

So, this week I open the space. It feels like the first teaching day of college. The excitement is energizing. That’s what I’ll focus on.

I’m going to take an organic approach on the first event to set the tone of my space, as I have for my classes and my clients. Respect. Authenticity. A space to come together to help others integrate sexuality as a holistic part of their life.

I hope you’ll join me. Yes, you’ll hear my southern drawl in all its glory.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Twitter Spaces either as a participant or a host.

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From Retired Sex Therapist (she/her) to Erotic/Romance Writer. Covering Sexuality, Writing/Creativity & Erotica. Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor http://drjauthor.com/

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