Release Your Hurtful Sexual Shame and Choose Your Authentic Sexual Self

Choose strength over your fear.

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Sexual shame is a stumbling block to personal authenticity. Learned through a social construct, sexual shame can be identified and replaced. When you eliminate sexual shame, you can sit with your true sexual self, and create a safe space for it. If and when you are ready, you can choose to share it.

Consider the phrase, eliminate sexual shame. Use it as permission to move into a different place within yourself.

Ponder these ideas. Mantras. Positive Affirmations.

E — Extend grace to yourself.

L — Live in the moment. Not the past. Not the future. The here and now, with you.

I — Imagine pleasure belongs to you.

M — Mirror all the goodness inside you. Smile.

I — Introduce sex-positive mantras into your life and recite them.

N — Nourish your happy times, so they’ll grow and thrive.

A — Accept the holistic nature of YOU.

T — Tailor your world to support your unique sexual self.

E — Expand the space inside you to hold your sexual energy.

S — Satisfy your sexual desires.

E — Entertain new possibilities for self-acceptance.

X — Xerox these words to remind you there is HOPE and an alternative path.

U — Unleash your negative thoughts and watch them float away

A — Add people to your life that see your true reflection.

L — Love the vision you create for yourself.

S — Shut off negative voices, and deactivate the shoulds and oughts.

H — Hold onto your true authentic self, your genitals, your acts of pleasure, your experience of pleasure, your fantasies, and turn-ons.

A — Absorb the goodness you feel, inside and out.

M — Memorize each sex-positive event and catalog the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and connections to you.

E — Enjoy the fullness of yourself and your life.

Sexuality is part of human nature and is beautiful. It is holistic. And it’s yours. Work it in a way that gives you value and love and honors your place in the world.

Sexual shame is learned and it can be unlearned.

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From Retired Sex Therapist (she/her) to Erotic/Romance Writer. Covering Sexuality, Writing/Creativity & Erotica. Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor

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